This Month’s Photo Winner!

This Month’s Photo Winner!

This MONTHS PHOTO WINNER is Roger Bannon who designed and manufactured his own handcrafted Carriage Stand for his American Cannon Golf Ball Launcher.

“The pictures show the elevation strap which cradles the cannon as the contact point (brown leather oil soaked).  The next photo show a 30 second break down for car transport. The last picture shows the configuration of a navel deck gun.  The board where the wheels attach serves now as a stabilizer against lateral motion. You will also notice the ropes which attach to a deck or wall to limit kickback. Wouldn’t want to have a loose cannon on my deck.”

How much fun do our customers have? Looks like plenty!

What do you do with your American Cannon?

Share your pictures or videos with us and get featured on our website and social media. You may even be the next months Photo Winner!