American Cannons Golfball Launchers

Testimonials & Reviews

Just took delivery of my Canon and I’m very pleased! Workmanship is top-notch and The Styling is very good. With that much metal around the combustion chamber I’m sure it’s very safe to shoot the loads you recommend. The packing was very sturdy and thanks for sending all the extras I need. I’ll keep in touch. ~ EG

Got my cannon, WOW, I am so pleased. I watched every video, loading , firing and safety and am so grateful for all the tips. I have over 50 fireable cannons and this one is the most impressive. ~ LV

He loved it! He laughed extremely hard and was like a little kid. He wants to put it on display at the office when he’s not using it. He was very impressed! Thank you!! ~ CJ

Received the cannon today. Just wanted you to know I am very impressed with it. The workmanship is great and the packing was great. Everything looks great and l am looking forward to shooting it. Thanks for keeping me informed on the progress of it. ~ BC

I plan on ordering baby boomer soon. 

Got it! Absolutely perfect. Will call, am not good at talking with my fingers. Thanks for the excellent service and chatter. ~ TC

I received my cannon today and it exceeded my expectations. It’s awesome thank you! TJ

The one set of pictures with the boat and the cannon mounted to the front was at the Trump Boat Parade. The other set is with my custom made carriage for my cannon notice it it sitting in front of a red, white, and blue Christmas tree. We have so much fun with the cannon. It’s truly a blast. Thank you for making such a great product. Stars & Stripes Forever! ~ SF

Thank you so much. How awesome would it be if all businesses are operated this way? I have already bought some powder and golf balls. Lol. I kind of put the cart before the horse or the ball before the powder in this case. Thanks again for a great product and buying experience! ~ WCW

I got the Boomer and broke it in last night. Greatly appreciated the cannon and tech support online. Cannot say enough about your customer service and communication throughout my order. Very much appreciated. ~ MJR

The two parcels came, no damage to either one. They were packaged very good. I was concerned about customs but thanks to the way they were shipped there was no problem. I appreciate your concern and follow up of the order, also your trustworthiness. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. John (Canada)

Cannon came today. Shot it twice already. Such a great piece. Well done and thanks again! ~ NV

What a great cannon! It is so easy to use. Exciting to use. And Loud! I am very impressed with the craftsmanship. ~ KJ