American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

For those who have a statement to make, choose a cannon from our Signature Series in either Flame design or Vented look.

Available cannon sizes in 18" barrels only.

Barrel Choices of Flame Or Vents (VB1 or VB2).

Our Signature Series Cannons feature steel tattooing of either the flame or vented hole design and are CNC machined from 4″ diameter solid T1080 High Carbon Steel. Featuring removable stainless steel screw-in barrels in 18″ length only, designed to fit into one receiver; allowing different shots at different distances without having to purchase another complete cannon. Simply unscrew the barrel and choose your desired size. They require little maintenance other than normal cleaning after use and application of a high quality oil film coating on the metal. It is best to store the cannon with the barrel fully screwed into the receiver and use anti-seize on the threads to prevent rust.

What is steel tattooing?  Steel tattooing is an artistic coating process used in the high performance racing industry.  A company in Boerne, Texas has perfected this process and applied it for Nascar, Drag racing and Motorcycle racing.  It is used for logos and art work on the exhaust systems and able to withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees.  This coating is extremely durable and able to be applied in black or army green.  The colors can be either the logo or base color using the steel as the logo.  Most logos can be tattooed perfectly.  Only very fine details are questionable. If you are interested in having your cannon tattooed, please send in you artwork for a quote.

American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

What your cannon comes with:

1. Tamping Rod & Cleaning Brush
2. Brass Fuse Pick
3. Shooting Directions

American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

Cannon Stand


Black Powder

Extra Barrels