Buy a cannon for fun or sport! American Cannons builds highly competitive black powder golfball launching cannons. as well as smaller salute cannons that will shoot smaller wooden balls. Our golf ball launchers are specifically designed to be the safest on the market. As well as, our cannons may be the coolest looking cannons you may ever find.

Our competition stand has been specifically designed with the details you need for a great aim. Plus our videos show you how to work your cannon properly. Additionally, we can do custom cannons, steel tattooing your favorite design or logo directly on your stainless steel cannon barrel. We can even coat your cannon and receiver if you would like a unique look and feel. So Buy a cannon today!

We work hard to develop an amazingly fun black powder cannon for competition and/or fun. We’ll work even harder to make sure our customers are happy. Also, don’t forget to order your extras here, fuses, black powder pouches, more barrels and even balls! We even have balls for Boomer! Our smallest black powder cannon which was once just a loud salute cannon (and still is). Boomer can now shoot just like his big daddy! We love to hear from our customers. Contact American Cannons if you have a video or review you would like to share. Please send us a link or drop by our facebook page.

You may also want to check out or Choose Your Cannon Page where you will learn more about out Standard Series, Our Carbon Series, Our Signature Series and even the Boomer series! Each one of these cannons have special features that will help make your American Cannon uniquely your own. From shiny stainless steel. carbon wrapped colors or Steele Tattooing flames or vents. We can do it all, even custom cannons!