Shooting Cannons Videos

Shooting cannons can be a ton of fun. The adrenaline, the bang, the fire and projectile… here are some of our customers shooting their American Cannons black powder golf ball launchers. Custom cannons, custom cannon stands, shooting at targets and pumpkins. They have them mounted on their trucks, their lawn mowers and their wagons. There are reviews, and even more. Wan to to add your cannon shooting video to this list? Just let us know using the form below!

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If you have a video shooting your American Cannons cannon and you would like to share, send us a link to the video on YouTube and we will be glad to add it to our video gallery and share it on Social Media!

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    We produce as well as market black powder cannons to be used primary for display & salute firing purposes.  Our newest line of cannons is designed and built to be used in competition shootings, or on ranges involved in the Upcoming Sport of Golf Ball Launching.  Additionally, these cannons feature stainless steel removable screw-in barrels in 12″, 15″ or 18″ barrel lengths that are designed to fit into one receiver.  Therefore, allowing different shots at different distances without having to purchase another complete cannon. Simply unscrew the barrel and choose your desired size. Our cannons are CNC machined from 4″ diameter solid T1080 High Carbon Steel. That being said, they require little maintenance other than normal cleaning after using and keeping a high quality oil film coating on the metal. However, always remember it is best to store the cannon with the barrel fully screwed into the receiver and don’t forget to use anti-seize on the threads for easier disassembly.