7″ Fireworks/Mortar Mill Finished Barrel


What is the Fireworks Mortar Barrel?

Simply put, it is the safest way to set off fireworks ever designed. The length is specifically designed for firework rockets, missiles, roman candles, etc. It won’t knock over. It will direct your fireworks up towards the sky instead of the garage or the car, and it will do it all in style!

This barrel is the perfect addition to your American Cannon and it gives you an additional reason to showcase your power.

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Our cannons are CNC machined from 4″ diameter solid T1080 High Carbon Steel. Featuring removable stainless steel screw-in barrels in 12″, 15″ or 18″ lengths, designed to fit into one receiver; allowing different shots at different distances without having to purchase another complete cannon. Simply unscrew the barrel and choose your desired size. They require little maintenance other than normal cleaning after use and application of a high quality oil film coating on the metal. It is best to store the cannon with the barrel fully screwed into the receiver and use anti-seize on the threads to prevent rust.