Open letter to American Cannon Customers about upcoming Price Increases.

We have been running our parts on steel that we purchased in 2021.

Last year on or around February of 2021 we purchased a large batch of steel to manufacture our cannons.  Up until now, our prices reflect the cost of the steel purchased last year.  That being said, it is almost time to order a new batch of steel, and at today’s increasing costs, we are going to have to increase the price of our cannons to absorb it.

Buy Your Cannon Now and Save!

We are currently finishing a limited quantity of cannons.  Any new cannon orders received before we run out of last year’s steel will be honored at the current website price.  When they are gone, new prices will be updated on our website and all new orders will reflect the new charges.

We expect a minimum increase of $75.00 on the price of our 18” Standard Series COMBO with the Competition Stand.


If you have been looking at buying an American Cannon, order Now, Before prices go up!

Thank you again for supporting American Cannons. We have the BEST CUSTOMERS!

Bobby Boyer