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American Cannons Golfball Launchers

Order custom cannon from American Cannons today!

Have your company logo, group logo, nickname or slogan steel tattooed on your very own American Cannon!

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Really want to stand out? Then order a custom cannon from us! You can have your own logo or any custom design you want steel tattooed on your custom cannon.

Custom Orders – Custom Cannons made to order with your text, design or logo; color preferences and chosen size.

What is steel tattooing?  Steel tattooing is an artistic coating process used in the high performance racing industry.  We teamed up with a company in Boerne, Texas. They have perfected this process and applied it for Nascar, Drag racing and Motorcycle racing.  Additionally, it is used for logos and art work on the exhaust systems and is able to withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees.  Therefore, this coating is extremely durable and able to be applied in black or army green.  Then colors can be either the logo or base color using the steel as the logo.  Also, most logos can be tattooed perfectly.  Only very fine details are questionable.  If you are interested in having your cannon tattooed, please send in you artwork for a quote.  

Fill in our contact form to request a quote. We will then be in touch to receive additional details and work out your design preferences.

Next, choose your barrel size, receiver color, customize your order any way you want for a truly unique cannon.

    I will supply a logo.I need help designing something.

    Finally, get some ideas of what we can do by contacting us. We can make suggestions, discuss your ideas and let you know the best way to meet your needs. We’re here to build you an amazing black powder cannon!