Standard Series Cannons

With a traditional look, these stainless steel cannons and receivers really shine during competition or fun.

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Carbon Series Cannons

Want to intensify the look of your cannon? Choose a carbon wrapped barrel in black, red or graphite.

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Signature Series Cannons

For those who have a statement to make, choose a cannon from our signature series in either flame design or vented look.

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Custom Order Cannons

Custom Orders - Cannons made to order with your text, design or logo; color preferences and chosen size.

Really want to stand out? Have your own logo or custom design you want tattooed on your custom cannon?

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American Cannons Golfball Launchers

BOOMER Series Cannons



Our smallest and loudest black powder cannon! Baby Boomer doesn't shoot golfballs, he shoots tiny wooden balls, or just use him as a salute cannon!

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Cannon Stand


Black Powder

Extra Barrels