American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

Boomer Series

Boomer is one small cannon!

These small cannons are the cutest you will ever see. Boomer’s the baby to the big daddy cannons of our other golf ball launchers.

American Cannons Golfball Launchers


Uses 1 oz of black powder. 11.5″ long with a 1″ bore and 2.5″ diameter, Boomer is our smallest black powder cannon available. Featuring our patent pending removable barrel and weighing only 5.5 pounds, Boomer is bound to be a lot of fun and a very welcome addition to the “Signature Series” family. (Will not shoot golf balls but we did find some adorably small wooden balls that shoot great!)

American Cannons Golfball Launchers

Our Smallest & Loudest Black Powder Cannon

Side By Side Comparison

  • 11.5″ long including receiver vs 15″-21″ Standard series
  • 1″ inner diameter bore vs 1.7″ as on Standard series
  • 2.5″ diameter receiver vs 4″ receiver on Standard series
  • 5.5 pounds vs 20-21 pounds from the Standard series

Boomer is one loud cannon! This makes him a great salute cannon. That being said, due to his size, he won’t shoot golf balls like his larger counterparts. But that won’t stop this little guy! We found smaller wooden balls that fit his barrel perfectly! So now we can say “BOOMER HAS BALLS!”

*Don’t forget to order Boomer’s Balls when you order your Boomer cannon and stand.

Order the Boomer Cannon - Available in 3 Colors

American Cannons black powder cannons comparison between standard 15" cannon and small Boomer
American Cannons black powder cannons baby Boomer the smallest cannon

Boomer has Balls!

These wooden balls are the perfect fit for your smaller Boomer Cannon, and are a ton of fun to shoot!

Boomer Pro Stand

The new Boomer Pro Stand is uniquely designed for enhanced functionality. It features extreme Vertical Lift and measurable Horizontal Adjustment. 

Boomer Sled

Designed to slide onto our competition cannon stand in place of the carriage sled, this specially designed sled will hold Boomer in place for firing. 

Boomer Stand

Designed to screw down to a board or table, this specially designed 10 gauge steel stand is designed to hold Boomer in place for firing.