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BIG CHANGES coming up for American Cannons


Bob is turning 80!

Remember that song “Time Has Come Today”? Well, if you are old you like me, you will.  That is why I am announcing my RETIREMENT to all our wonderful customers.

I am turning 80 at the end of September, and it is due time I catch up on some fishing. But fear not, AMERICAN CANNONS is being sold to a couple of our employees. They know the business well & will take good care of you & your orders. They have what the company needs right now: they’re in their 30’s & have good legs under them to run on. I am staying on to help through the end of the year and will help out in whatever & whenever I can.

After the first of the year, and a little downtime, I will be introducing new additions to our line of offerings, especially to the BOOMER SERIES cannons!
STAY TUNED… It’s gonna get even better.

American Cannons is proud to present our golfball launching cannons in multiple sizes and styles for the black power enthusiast.

AMERICAN CANNONS produces as well as markets black powder cannons to be used primary display & salute firing purposes.  Our newest line of cannons is designed and built to be used in competition shootings, or on ranges involved in the Upcoming Sport of Golf Ball Launching.  Additionally, these cannons feature stainless steel removable screw-in barrels in 12″, 15″ or 18″ barrel lengths that are designed to fit into one receiver.  Therefore, allowing different shots at different distances without having to purchase another complete cannon. Simply unscrew the barrel and choose your desired size.

Our cannons are CNC machined from 4″ diameter solid T1080 High Carbon Steel. That being said, they require little maintenance other than normal cleaning after using and keeping a high quality oil film coating on the metal. However, always remember it is best to store the cannon with the barrel fully screwed into the receiver and don’t forget to use anti-seize on the threads for easier disassembly.

The American Cannons manufacturing process


We aren't tooling cannons in our backyard garage...
We Build in Texas, where you Go BIG or Go Home.

Take a look at a photo explanatory of our manufacturing process here…

WHO WE ARE: We are a newly formed company created under the banner of Boyer Enterprises which has roots deep in the sporting goods industry with several claims to patented products developed and/or distributed by such companies as Browning , Bear Archery, PSE, Martin, etc, not to mention licensing and manufacturing agreements with firms such as Uncle Mike’s, Butler Creek and Bushnell. 

Our goal is to bring about and help promote a new and fun sport that we call Golf Ball Launching.  It combines the fun of Black Powder from various shooting sports with the skill and distancing of a little white ball from the sport of Golf.  These cannons have specially designed firing chambers which accept from as little as 100 grains to the maximum recommended load of 550 grains of Black Powder.

We have also been manufacturing Golf Ball Cannons for several years for clients who wanted “something different,” often for 4th of July & New Years celebrations.  These Golf Ball Cannons have been used for a Salute and occasionally for family entertainment. In the process we have learned the pros and cons of combining the two industries in order to make an extremely safe and reliable product, that is actually fun for the whole family to participate in.