American Cannons Black Powder Golf Ball Launching Cannons

Black Powder Golfball Launching Cannons

American Cannons is proud to present our golfball launching cannons available in multiple sizes & styles for the black power and golf ball shooting enthusiast. We even have a smaller cannon called Boomer (he’s the baby of the family.)

18″ Cannons                             15″ Cannons                             12″ Cannons                            Custom Cannons

With Patent Pending Removable and Interchangeable Barrels.

American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

Our golfball launching cannons are the SAFEST Black Powder Cannons on the Market! We are the only civilian cannon with a removable barrel.  This is a major safety feature we are very proud of and want to highlight. Read more about the safety features here… 

American Cannons black powder golf ball launching cannons

AMERICAN CANNONS produces as well as markets black powder golfball launching cannons to be used primary for display & salute firing purposes.  Therefore, our newest line of cannons is designed and built to be used in  competition shootings, or on ranges involved in the Upcoming Sport of Golf Ball Launching. 

Additionally, these cannons feature stainless steel removable screw-in barrels in 12″, 15″ or 18″ barrel lengths that are designed to fit into one receiver.  Thus, allowing different shots at different distances without having to purchase another complete cannon. Simply unscrew the barrel and choose your desired size.

Shiny stainless steel cannon barrels and receivers in 3 sizes.

Steel tattooed barrel, vents or flames for a cool custom look.

Have your Company Logo, Group Logo, Nickname or Slogan Steel Tattooed on your very own black powder AMERICAN CANNON!

Get creative. Add your logo, specify colors, etc.


This is our smallest and loudest black powder cannon! BOOMERS GOT BALLS! Boomer won’t shoot golfballs, he shoots tiny wooden balls. Or use as salute cannon!

MEMO to all our CUSTOMERS: 

WELL….. this is the part of business that I really dislike…. RAISING PRICES. We had a notice online recently that it was coming…. WELL… here ’s the deal. We ran another run of Cannons & Competition Stands to look at and study cost… for just material, parts & fabrication… $73.86... Actual hard cost per COMBO.

NOW… I don’t want to get everyone upset with springing a hundred dollar price increase on a COMBO order overnight. But... our margins are tight… so here is my thought on this… On any order received before the END of the JULY we will honor until we post new prices on the site. This will happen sometime during the first week of AUGUST. That will give y’all time to take advantage of the current prices offered online… for those of you thinking about or planning to order soon.

THEN… Here here is what we plan on doing:  ON the STANDARD & the SIGNATURE SERIES Cannons we are going to raise the COMBO pricing $50.00. The combos will still include FUSE & BAGS.

NEXT… All of the Standard Series & Signature Series CANNONS will go up $25.00 each when singularly ordered.
STICKS & FUSE PICKS always come with cannons. BOOMER CANNON pricing will remain the same for a while.

THANKS AGAIN for the outstanding business from all of you,